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Attorney TaTaNisha Reed and the Call to Care Law Firm provide full service legal representation and general litigation covering a variety of legal expertise.

Our staff of experienced lawyers will come to your office and train your staff on every aspect of the judicial process and assist them with providing an even greater quality of service to the clients that you serve.

Attorney TaTaNisha Reed has trained Therapists, Case Management Organization Worker’s (CMO), Probation Officers, Foster Care Workers and Family Reunification Counselors. She is the author of a training manual “The Fundamentals of Law: A Juvenile Justice Perspective” for the employees of the juvenile justice system.

Training Topics include:

• History of the judicial system as it relates to laws, social perspectives, and judicial authority.

• Standards for Courtroom Etiquette and Décorum.

• Testifying and Testimony

• The Social Worker/Juvenile Officer

• Rules of Evidence

• Court hearings and terminology

• Judge, Referee, Lawyer Guardian Ad Litem and Child’s Attorney Roles and Responsibilities

• Wayne County Children and Family Services/Chart Overview

• Continuum of Care

• Semi-Independent Living/Residential Placement Treatment Modalities

• Provider Roles and Responsibilities

Many governmental agencies are overwhelmed with increased clients and decreased staff. The reduction in staff can lead to employees experiencing fatigue and ultimately becoming deficient in their role. These deficiencies can cause grave concern for private and governmental agencies that receive local, state and federal funding. Unsuccessful county and governmental audits leave the agency vulnerable and could subsequently impact funding. Our Law Offices can help you with writing corrective action plans, as well as addressing any Notices of Concern (NOC’s) that your staff may have received.

We have a proven track record and have assisted a variety of agencies with training their professional staff.

We have conducted the following:

Ford Motor Company
Legal Lunch and Learn for staff

Starr Vista Case Management Organization
Fundamentals of the Juvenile Court Proceedings

Starr Commonwealth
Effective testimony before a Judge or Jury

Interdisciplinary technological enterprises training
Effectively testifying in criminal proceedings (investigator training)

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A Call to Care Law Firm TaTaNisha Reed
  • TaTaNisha Reed worked on my criminal case and her court room presence was 100% on point. She is very well spoken. She is truly a professional in her field. I would definitely recommend her to others.
  • TataNisha Reed worked on my son's criminal case and did an excellent job. I would recommend her to anyone. I have used her two times since. She is my lawyer for life. I feel she is one of the top attorney's in Michigan. If you want the job done right, hire Attorney Reed!
  • TaTaNisha Reed worked on my son's criminal case she was awesome from the beginning to the end. She was not about the money and went above and beyond the call of duty. She gave my son true representation; digging deep and fighting hard to discover the facts. If she had not fought so hard, my son would be in prison today...